Serpents Mouth

A television series

The screenplay for The Deliverer has been adapted into a 10 episode series called Serpents Mouth currently in development within the Caribbean Tales Incubator Program at the Toronto International Film Festival 2018.


When a desperate fisherman fails to stop a corrupt Government from destroying his village, he brokers a deal with a mysterious drug runner to traffic cocaine across Serpents Mouth, the perilous sea between Trinidad and Venezuela, to save his home.

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Series Synopsis

Serpents Mouth is a crime drama with elements of thriller and neo-western set inthe Caribbean. Imagine the morally ambiguous characters of Vince Gilligan's BREAKING BAD and Netflix’s NARCOS but set in conflicting dual worlds as in Steven Soderbergh'S 'the war on drugs' classic TRAFFIC. 

This television series follows Joseph Chike, a righteous-minded Trinidadian fisherman on a hunger strike, as he protests a corrupt government forcing his village off ancestral land to make way for an oil refinery. When Joseph loses the support of the village he brokers a deal with Shane Khan a mysterious Venezuelan drug dealer to raise a hefty bribe to pay off a power mongering government official. He must traffic cocaine across Serpents Mouth: the perilous body of water that separates Trinidad and Venezuela.

With a fraternal partnership forged in crime, Joseph and Shane build a thriving drug cartel as Joseph struggles to keep his family together and maintain peace in the village. With attacks from rival cartels and terrorist groups even political blackmail being rampant, Joseph must contend with Shane’s dark past as he navigates this criminal underworld while salvaging what’s left of his morality. Serpents Mouth unfolds in a remote fishing village in Trinidad and Tobago, a lawless refuge in Tucupita, Venezuela and across the treacherous strait of -Serpents Mouth.

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